Personalise bundle for any occasion

Featuring fully custom branding products in a pack, these SWAGs are ideal as new employee onboarding kit, appreciation gifts and more.

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Starts from RM50

Basic SWAG

Get started with the essential bundle everyone needs.

  • Greeting Card
  • Wire-O Notebook
  • Photo Mug
  • Small Metal Tag
  • SWAG Box
Starts from RM100

Advance SWAG

Step up a notch with the sophisticated bundle.

  • Greeting Card
  • Premium Imagewrap Notebook
  • Tube Tumbler
  • SWAG Box
Starts from RM150

Professional SWAG

Foster the spirit of professionalism with the premium bundle.

  • Greeting Card
  • Premium Imagewrap Notebook
  • Large Metal Tag
  • Photo Mug
  • Coaster
  • Tube Tumbler
  • SWAG Box

Customise your SWAG kit today!

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Printing Made Easy with Puffprints


Choose to upload your own design/artwork or from our business card designs.


Make your design more personal with unique details and style.

Payment and Completion

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