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Give your team direct control over branding and collaterals the easy way with our products. Join us now to fulfill all your printing needs on demand and without intermediaries.

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Personal Portal for Promotional Products

The PUFF Centre enables you to manage all your print products under one roof. Approved collateral designs and templates are accessible through authorised access. This makes ordering faster and easier on your side for each and everyone in your team.

Having a custom PUFF Centre ensures that you maintain brand consistency and standards through approved designs and templates. This also helps you streamline processes by enabling team members to self-order products whenever they need to, removing middlemen and allowing everyone to focus on more essential things - like actually running the business.

Broad Range of Products

Our portfolio of select products are made from premium quality materials. From basic Business Cards to the most sophisticated marketing products, elevate and dominate your company presence in the market.

Our products will make your brand an icon. *Drops mic*

PUFF Expertise

Speedy Delivery 

We move at the speed of light to get your orders delivered on time.

The PUFF Guarantee 

We break backs to make sure that you're happy with your order.

Personalisation Experience

Have your company identity spread across all the essentials.

PUFF Centre 

Allows you to take control of your branding under one roof.

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