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Great value comes with awesome quality

With the smooth uncoated finish, our Original Series Business Card is made from premium paper that gives an instant impact. Natural and fresh, they make you look good for any introduction.

Our ready templates are specially designed to fit any businesses that allows you to tailor to a look that speaks the most about your brand.

Individuality on every Business Card

Let our Business Cards represent you and tell your story in a glance by embodying your personality.

It can be your corporate colour or team's motivational quote - you won't even have to fork out any extras to make it happen.


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Why Puffprints?

Speedy Delivery

We move at the speed of light to get your orders delivered on time.

The PUFF Guarantee

We break backs to make sure that you're happy with your order.

Personalisation Experience

Have your company identity spread across all the essentials.


Dedicated designs for each unique member of your organization.

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85mm x 51mm
Starts at RM2.99

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65mm x 65mm
Starts at RM2.99

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89mm x 51mm
Starts at RM2.99

Standard Size

90mm x 55mm