Business Cards

Business Cards

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Original Business Cards

The baseline range of premium paper. Established high end distinctions with
great value. Uncoated for a traditional yet prominent touch.

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Super Business Cards

Striking and distinctive range of paper types and finishings. Each selection is crafted ready to impress upon a meaningful impression on your customers.

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85mm x 51mm
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65mm x 65mm
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Basic Size

89mm x 51mm
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Standard Size

90mm x 55mm

Frequently Asked Questions for Business Cards

  1. What are Puffprints Business Cards?

    Puffprints Business Cards are premium double-sided business cards. Available in two different series - Original and Super Series.

    The Original Series consists of Freestyle Business Cards whereas the Super Series contains Pro-Gloss & Matte, Velvet and Fine Art Business Cards. The grammage of our cards range from 280gsm to 400gsm.

    Printing your business cards with Puffprints allow personalisation that includes having a different image or content on every card in a pack. This also means that everyone you meet will receive a different business card design.

    A great way to get a conversation going.

  2. How many Business Cards do I get in a box?

    For Freestyle and Fine Art Business Cards, you will receive 100 pieces in a box. However, for Pro and Velvet Business Cards, the quantity of the cards purchased will be divided into 2 boxes due to the thickness of the cards.

    - Freestyle Business Cards (Original Series) 
    - Pro, Velvet and Fine Art Business Cards (Super Series)

  3. Does Puffprints offer any special finishes like letterpress, spot UV, debossing, embossing or foil printing?

    We are still in the midst of looking into new technology and features for our products. Just hang on to us!

  4. Are Puffprints Business Cards double sided?

    Absolutely! Puffprints Business Cards are printed in full colour, on both sides with no extra charges.

  5. What is the difference between Original and Super Series Business Cards?

    The Original Series includes Freestyle Business Cards, a card with 280gsm paper weight and an uncoated finish with rough gloss appearance. It is our only business card that comes in all four Puffprints sizes.

    On the other hand, the Super Series comprises of Pro, Velvet and Fine Art Business Cards. All three types features its own characteristics including finishing and paper weight. However these three business cards are available in PUFF and Square sizes only.

  6. Do Puffprints Business Cards have a Puffprints logo on them?

    No. There are no Puffprints logo on any of our products except for the sample packs.

  7. Can I get a QR Code on my Business Cards?

    We're sorry but we do not print QR Code on Business Cards at the moment (but we might in the future so stay tuned!).

  8. Can I have a different photo or design on each card in my pack?

    Definitely! Ordering your Business Cards with Puffprints allows you to add a different image, design or photo to each card in your pack.

  9. Can I have rounded corners on my Business Cards?

    As of now, only Velvet Business Card in PUFF Size is available with rounded corners to tickle your fancy.

  10. Does Puffprints offer custom sized and shaped products?

    Unfortunately we are unable to do so. As of now, you are only able to customise what's on your products.