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Pricing & Payment

How long is the validity of your quotation?

Unless otherwise stated in a quotation, prices of goods quoted are valid for a period of thirty (30) days after which Puffprints shall have the right to adjust quoted prices upon written notice to Client.

Quoted prices do not include any applicable local or foreign taxes and any such taxes, including sales and excise taxes, levied on the Goods shall be added to the specified prices for Goods paid by the Client and shall remain the sole responsibility of Client.

Is your quoted price including delivery charges?

No, the price quoted does not include delivery charges. Delivery charges are payable by you in addition to the price quoted (unless the quotation specifically stated otherwise).

What is your payment terms?

All confirmed orders shall be paid before delivery of items via online banking or bank transfer.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Currently, we only accept online payments via Paypal, iPay88 and online transfer through your respective banks.

Is this site secure for credit card payments?

Yes, during the checkout process, your credit card number is transmitted by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) directly to a secure electronic vault to ensure security. The little 'padlock' icon on your browser confirms this.

At no time is your credit card information stored with us.

If I order larger quantities, will I receive discounted pricing?

Online offers are pre-determined discounted rate for businesses. For additional information on larger bulk purchases above 500 units per item type, please contact us via email for enquiry.


I don't have my own design. Can you design for me?

Yes, our in-house designers can do it for you. However, you will be charged for design fees which include a selection of one core design created and two times visual revision.

Additional fee will be incurred for additional amendments.

I really like a design template I saw on your website. Can I use that design instead?

Yes, our ready-made templates are created by our in-house designers. These templates are available and free to use by anyone who visits our website.

If I have my own creative work, what are the requirements for me to submit it to you?

Your creative work should be in a complete and accurate format according to the size and specifications required to produce goods as agreed upon.

Can I get a proof of my design?

Design proof will be via preview in the editor before checkout. Any request via support email for physical proof copies will be subject to additional charges and added time to complete the product.


I need more products. How do I re-order?

Re-ordering process is simple. Just go to your Order History and re-order the intended products based on quantity and type.

How can I get a sample of your products?

All sample visuals can be found on the website. Physical samples are only upon request, which will be chargable based on product type and shipping/delivery.

Shipping & Logistics

What is the production and delivery time for my products?

Standard delivery time upon checkout is 5 - 7 working days upon checkout and payment.

Do you deliver to overseas?

Yes we do. Overseas charges will differ from zone to zone. All charges are subject to each countries charges of VAT/GST/TAX.

All overseas orders will need to be requested prior to ordering and a quotation will be submitted for confirmation.

Please note that delivery to post office boxes is not possible.

Which delivery service provider do you use?

DHL E-Commerce will be the main provider for all shipping and delivery to supported post code locations.

POS Malaysia or a 3rd provider will be the next provider if DHL EC does not support the rest.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is at an average of RM6 per item delivery in Peninsular Malaysia and RM8 per item delivery in East Malaysia

Shipping for destination outside of Malaysia will be charged according to zone and country.

My order has arrived but it was damaged. What do I do?

If you receive a product that was damaged during transit, please take some pictures (preferably from several angles) of the damaged product, as well as the packaging, and contact us immediately.

We will then lodge a report, conduct an investigation, and subsequently provide you with a solution.

What should i do if I don't receive my orders on time?

Generally, all orders will be shipped out on time and will be in transit. If your orders do not arrive at a given time, kindly email puffsupport-my@puffprints.com

How do you pack the completed goods?

We pack each product carefully in its individual packaging depending on the type of products (i.e. variance box type, carton, foam, shrinkwrap, etc.)

In what kind of situation will my goods be delayed?

The possible causes consist of a few factors such as natural causes (ie. flood), peak season deliveries (i.e. CNY, Hari Raya) or lost or stolen cases (i.e. lost of goods during transits).

Generally, all orders will be shipped out on time and will be in transit. If your orders do not arrive at a given time, kindly email puffsupport-my@puffprints.com

What do I do when the item received is not the item purchased or has missing parts?

All orders complaints or issues will have to be sent directly to the manufacturer, kindly email puffsupport-my@puffprints.com

Can I track my order?

No. The order cannot be tracked at this time. The orders will have been shipped out in time and will be in transit.

Any questions on the order or if products are not delivered within the alloted time, kindly email puffsupport-my@puffprints.com

Is it possible for me to indicate multiple delivery addresses?

No. Per order is limited to one address delivery. Any additional adresses will need to have its own order for the delivery.

Can I use different addresses for billing and delivery?

Yes. A Different shipping address will be allowed per order if the registered address is not selected. You can complete the new address by completing the form. There is no option for multiple shipping address if it is the same order.


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