PUFF Personalized Business Gifts Promises

Speedy Delivery 

We move at the speed of light to get your orders delivered on time.

The PUFF Guarantee 

We break backs to make sure that you're happy with your order.

Personalisation Experience

Have your company identity spread across all the essentials.

PUFF Centre 

Allows you to take control of your branding under one roof.

Our Product Range

Business Cards

Create a lasting first impression to those you come across with our almighty Business Cards. It's the appetizer to the main course.

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Get your business noticed instantly in full-colour printing on both sides of our Flyers, just because they're so damn fly!

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Need a reminder for all the best happenings in the year? We doubt anyone will ever forget with our dope Calendars.

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Make noteworthy scribbles and thoughts on our far-out Notebooks wherever you go. A definite yes to productive discussions!

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Bring your brand to life in full colour within minutes with our slick Brochures. The perfect way to get connected with more people.

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Wanna make a big difference? It only takes a small, simple step with our stunning Postcards to kick everything up a notch.

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Got a team of 10 employees and above?

So you got a strong team working with you? A talented workforce that's ready to rock? Let them focus on the things that truly matter, giving them control over how they would make that sale or close that client.

Puff Centre gives your company its own platform to manage branding. This cuts out the middle man and gives you full control over your various marketing items, giving you direct access whenever you need it and however way you decide it.

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Get Puffin' With Us

Customers can tell that a company that's in control is a company that offers quality products and unparalleled services. This is what they know. Help them see that you're THAT company. The power of personalisation works wonders for any business, in any industry. Our kickass personalisation offers on our wicked range of marketing products will help transform the game for you.

In other words - we're about to puff your business right up!

About Us


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